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Oração para visualizarmos a Grande harmonia entre os seres humanos e a Natureza.



por Seicho-No-Ie President, sexta, 18 de março de 2011 às 18:08
by Masanobu Taniguchi 

   In the True Image of the world created by God, Nature and human beings are always in harmony as one.  Nature supports and sustains human beings, gives them ways in which to express themselves, and gives them joy.  Human beings are grateful for this, love Nature, nurture and cultivate it, and make Nature abundant.  There is no gap and no strife between them nor is there any distinction or difference between the two. 

   The physical body that has been given to human beings to express themselves is made of the same material composition as Nature which surrounds it.  So, human beings get oxygen from Nature and make it energy, drink water and make it their lubricating oil, and assimilate food to maintain their physical bodies helping them to grow.  Blessed are those who can visualize the wisdom, love, and life of God in this flow of the material world, deep within the circulation of molecules and atoms.  Material things are the results; God is the source.  God sees that True Image of all living in perfect and complete harmony, sustaining one another, and proclaims it to be “very good.”

   To not look at the True Image, and to view the “individual” as reality and the center or focus of the world, is delusion.  When they focus on an “individual’s loss and gain,” human beings lose sight of the Grand Harmony between themselves and Nature.  It is foolish for human beings to note deficiencies and inadequacies in Nature and think of Nature as being an obstacle, try to place it under their control, and change its composition and use it for their own advantage. Looking at a part of Nature as being hostile and destroying it is shameful.  By doing this, human beings lose their sense of oneness with Nature, and cause the decay of Nature’s blessings, including that of the power of self-healing, and even lose their reason for living.

   If human beings think of Nature as being their enemy, or as being hostile, as a reflection of a deluded mind, conditions then appear from Nature from having been treated or dealt with as being hostile.  Though human beings may chip away at the mountains, cut down forests, dam rivers, fill the lakes and oceans, and focus only on prosperity for themselves alone, that is not God’s will.  That is a failed creative work that does not in the least bit resemble the True Image-world that God proclaims to be “very good.”  The time shall always come when that which is not the True Image shall face destruction and ruin.  That is the collapse of that which is false and the disintegration and self-destruction of karma. 

   However, we must not consider this to be “God’s wrath.”  We must not look at the tsunami traveling at unfathomable speed, destroying vast expanses of farmland as it pushes its way forward and think of it as the actions of God, filled with anger and fury.  God does not destroy mountains and fill the seas.  He does not make the beaches into agricultural land.  He does not build factories.  He does not make airports or nuclear facilities.  They are all acts of human beings thinking of their own profits and benefits without considering the extinction of plant and animal species.  Earthquakes hitting the Japanese islands and the area in and around New Zealand are a part of the changes in the earth’s crust which have happened repeatedly since ancient times, and are definitely not anomalous conditions.  They appear to be so because of the narrow outlook of human beings, the time axis of their thinking being so short, and because they are so self-centered.

   There is no way that human beings only will prosper and live eternally abundantly while driving many living things to extinction and destroying the giving and sustaining system within Nature.  The composition of the world of Grand Harmony is such that all species of plants and animals flourish only when they help, supplement and complement, and give to one another.  Human beings not recognizing or acknowledging that, and instead thinking of other living things as “tools,” or “the enemy,” or moreover, even as a “hindrance,” are changing a world that is in essence stable into an unstable one.  Human beings need to learn from that “failed creative work.” 

   A major earthquake is not the “wrath of God”; it is a “lesson from the Goddess of Mercy and Salvation.”  It is when we no longer have them that we realize just how many blessings Nature has given us.  We are being taught that no matter how many artificial, man-made structures, fields, harbors, roads, power lines, Internet connections we build, if we ignore and neglect Nature’s exquisite and expansive structure and energy and make the foolish mistake of trampling it down and violating it, life in a civilized world will be destroyed instantly.  The Goddess of Mercy and Salvation who is our true nature is teaching us human beings, “Be more humble,” “Realize that you are a part of Nature,” “Restore the you who is one with Nature.”

   Do not think of the unfortunate who were victims of the disaster as having touched upon the “wrath of God.”  God is the Creator of the perfect, harmonious True-Image Pure Land so there is no need whatsoever for Him “to get angry.”  When humankind cannot awaken from its deep delusion and it is no longer possible to stop global warming and climate change that comes from the continuing destruction of Nature, there is a need for something or someone to be the catalyst to awaken people from their sleep.  Artists who continue to create their artwork relying on their addiction to drugs are unable to recognize the faults in their work.  That is when someone who will say emphatically, “This piece is wrong!” will appear.  When this cry from the “voice of God within” does not reach many people, even when one or two keep shouting, it becomes necessary for a group to join in a chorus to call attention to this—to say, “This piece needs to be rewritten; it needs to be redone!”  Those who have expressed the sorrow or the disasters of the phenomenal world have carried out that very precious and noble role.  These people, indeed, are our conscience, are the spokespersons of a child of God’s  true nature.  They are Goddesses of Mercy and Salvation.

   With humility, we now listen to the precious teachings of the Goddess of Mercy and Salvation and express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation.  With new resolve, we proceed towards the True Image of the world created by God.  Dear God, thank you very much.

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